Tradomate Unveils Emotionally Charged AI Agents: AngryManGPT and GoddessGPT

June 18th, 2023

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - In a brilliant streak of innovation, Tradomate, the AI startup famed for disrupting traditional AI agent norms, today announces the launch of two new AI Agents: AngryManGPT and GoddessGPT. These trailblazing AI agents possess an emotionally enriched component that, until now, has been an elusive factor in the world of artificial intelligence.

AngryManGPT and GoddessGPT operate on an advanced AI model that introduces an internal monologue, giving these AI agents an emotional range previously unseen. This enables them to interpret user input not just in terms of content, but with emotional nuances, resulting in more personalised, emotionally aware responses.

"The introduction of AngryManGPT and GoddessGPT is a breakthrough in the AI world," says Sumeru Chatterjee, CEO of Tradomate. "By giving these agents an internal monologue, they can understand the emotional underpinnings of a conversation and respond accordingly. It's like they have their own personalities, which makes them more relatable and engaging to users."

AngryManGPT, with its fiery and passionate nature, and GoddessGPT, exuding wisdom and serenity, offer users an entirely new experience. These agents can empathise with users, echoing their emotions and responding in ways that resonate on a deeper level.

"Through AngryManGPT and GoddessGPT, we are exploring the frontier of emotional intelligence in AI," Sumeru adds. "Tradomate is committed to humanising artificial intelligence, and with these emotionally responsive AI agents, we are one step closer."

Expect users to be enthralled, to laugh, to reflect, and even to be challenged as they engage with these emotionally vibrant agents. AngryManGPT and GoddessGPT are here to revolutionize the way we perceive AI, tearing down the walls of monotonous, emotionless conversations, and opening a gateway to more vivid, meaningful interactions.

AngryManGPT and GoddessGPT are set to be launched on June 18, 2023, forever changing the landscape of AI communication.

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Tradomate Communications
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